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PJD Web Design

All the web services you will ever need in one place!

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PJD Web Design

All the web services you will ever need in one place!

PJD Web Design Derby - Slide3
PJD Web Design

All the web services you will ever need in one place!

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Website Repair

A broken Website is still an advert!

Is your current website not working, broken, hacked, not functioning in some way or not getting found on Google etc?. Even if it was a cheap, low budget website, we can help repair the problem on your broken website.
We can help by repairing the code, re-designing or taking over the management of your website

A friend Built the website
Lots of people tell us that they have a family friend or somebody that they know who created their website for them. That’s absolutely fine but that’s where it usually ends. We have a vast experience when it comes to web site repair and we can bring that expertise to fix any website.

If you already have a problem website that you are not happy with, We can sort it out for you so don’t despair. We have never failed yet and do not intend to start now!

Given up with your website?

You should never give up on your website because it is connected to your brand.

Left alone and not being maintained properly will still leave it advertising you and your brand.

People will naturally infer that the rest of your business is also not managed well and may choose to ignore your business or leave a bad review somewhere.

Becoming our client will give you access to our dedicated team of professional web developers who are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with any repairs.

We are never more than a phone call away. We respond to emails promptly and our Skype service lets you contact us for free at any time.

Why do websites go wrong?

Websites can go wrong and it’s not necessarily your fault.

Website Hacked?

It’s not the end of the world. Get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can fix the problem. Google will penalise your website if it finds stuff that falls outside of its guidelines. If this happens to you, it can take several weeks to fix and convince search engines that the problem has been resolved.
We will clean up the website hosting and remove or repair problem files before asking the search engines to re-consider the penalty.

Hackers gain access through plug-ins that are normally associated with CMS such as WordPress, Joomla etc. We check those plug-ins as thoroughly as possible.
Your Derby Website Repair company is here to help. all advice is free

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Website Broken?

There are plenty of reasons why websites can fail and we can fix broken websites quickly. Here are just a few reasons for broken websites:

New technology on older browsers
Poor site structure
Using the wrong technologies for the job
Little or no attention to SEO both on and off page
Broken links
Poor back-links
Poor coding
No site submission
Incorrect URL’s
Banned by Google for breaching its rules
Lack of updating
Website hacked
These are just a few reasons you could need our website repair service. There are plenty of other reasons like not following basic design principles or deprecated HTML tags. Other reasons include slow load times and plagiarism.

Website Maintenance

Get a maintenance plan now from PJD Web Design and you know your covered for all possible scenarios. Plans start from £30 per month and are included free with any SEO plan. Contact us now!

Fix my website!

Let us take a look at your broken website and we will happily give you a free, no obligation quote that is valid for 30 days. 

Get in touch today for more information on our website repair service. Repairs start at just £35 per page so Get in touch Now!

Tel: (+44) 01332 609463

Mob: (+44) 07460 706380

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