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Web Design Company

Our Web design company started in 2007. Back in 1997 the internet was still in its formative stages. Websites were seen as a bit of a luxury for anybody to have.

Websites consisted mainly of text with a few small graphical images. The power of the internet had not been fully realised. There were a few websites about but only the larger companies could afford them. There wasn’t a local web design company about.

Our founder Peter started his own small business creating websites that were more affordable for the average person.

That web design company was called ‘Derby Web Development’ and continued until 2001 when its founder concentrated more on training.

Peter came back into the business in 2005 when he took the business over and re-branded it into PJD Web Design company using his own initials.

Since then, PJD Web Design has gone from strength to strength without ever losing its primary goal of providing affordable websites to anyone who realises that they need one.

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Our Work

We are essentially a design and development company based in Derby, Derbyshire. We build cost effective, high quality websites for Small Business, Sole Traders, Pubs and Clubs. Your website can be your best marketing tool. We work with large companies to small independent traders delivering results across the UK and the globe.

Good Design

Your website is likely to be your clients first impression so it has to look good and allow them to readily find the information they look for to find out more about you. That’s why we build websites that are sleek, user friendly and good looking. Our team consists of a mix of HTML and CMS designers. Our SEO specialists enhance your web page rankings.

Website Management

PJD Web Design also specialises in Website Repair. Many Clients have websites that they have never taken seriously enough to keep up to date and relevant. This often leads to out of date programming methods that eventually stops working. We can help by putting things right for you and re-coding where necessary,


Specialist Areas

  • Specialist SEO Services
  • Top Designers
  • Fast Hosting Provider
  • SSL Certification
Business Meeting about PJD Web Design

PJD Web Design offers on site training when you have a CMS website such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento. Ask us about this service option