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PJD Web Design in Derby create beautiful websites designed to actually work. When you need a low or no deposit website or Specialist SEO ServicesContact us Now!

We have an excellent team of specialist website designers and web developers based in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, and Birmingham. All providing bespoke responsive website design services across the whole of the UK. You will find we offer the fullest range of website design, digital marketing, and SEO optimizationA0services available today

No other derbyshire web design company does all of the this under one roof.

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PJD Web Design in Nottingham creates everything from basic starter websites, CMS and offer full eCommerce web site-packages. 

Our Services include Branding and web site management for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Nottinghamshire and the whole of the UK.

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Other Social Media Marketing Methods

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is most often seen as the opposite side of SEO.

SEO is a continual process that takes time and effort to do right,

PPC offers much quicker traffic gain. Because PPC enables you to target keywords related to your business and have your site appear at the top of the results, it might seem like a great way to bring in targeted visitors. The truth is that using PPC without a clear plan could result in you spending a lot of money with very little return on investment.

In order to get the most from all of your platforms, you should post to each one no more than 3 times a week. If you post more than this, you will be seen as ‘spammy’ in the eyes of Google. That is definitely not what we want!

Include a link back to the relevant part of your website in each post. Make sure that the posts are not the same all the time and different on each social network.

Its a lot to think about but here at PJD Web Design, we can handle all of this for you. We agree a fixed monthly fee according to the number of posts and networks involved and we create the posts for you. Just tell us what subject you want to cover and leave the rest to us. Call us now on 07460 706380 for more information or contact us here

With YouTube becoming the second largest online search engine in the world, 2018 would be a good time to implement them in your online marketing strategy.

YouTube generates the majority of its revenue via adverts and offers more ways you can reach your customers than ever before.

PJD Web Design equip you with enough information to understand the basics of YouTube advertising.

Use Youtube
If you have never thought about utilising YouTube advertising for your business, maybe these 5 statistics will change your mind:

Online videos accounted for 50% of all online as far back as mobile traffic in 2013.
Viewers who watch product reviews are 85% more likely to purchase.
Cisco forecast that 69% of all online consumer traffic will be video in 2018.
52% of consumers said that after watching a video about a product or service made them more confident in purchasing.
YouTube receives over 1 billion unique visitors each month.

Email marketing is a very successful way of promoting your business and its services. Every time somebody visits your website, get them to sign up for your newsletter. Tempt them with an offer of some discount or a free e-book.

There is bound to be something you could give away. This could become your lead magnet.

Once they sign up, VIOLA! you have their email address and you can directly market to them in the future.

There are companies that handle the actual mass mailing for but guess what. So does PJD Web Design