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SEO Services are an optional extra helping you get listed highly in the search engines. Search engine optimization is a collection of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase

Search engine optimization is a collection of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Search engine optimization or SEO is important because your website needs to be found by the search engines to be effective. We include this service free for the first month of any project. When your website refers any other client to us, we give you another month absolutely free.

The web is constantly changing and our SEO services keep your website up to date with those changes. We search for and implement the best keywords and phrases for your website. We make sure that your site performs well.  Contact us now!

Search engine result pages (SERPS)

Although Google is the biggest search engine, it is not the only one. According to, Google has a global market share of 80.52% as of 28th March 2017, so for the rest of the time I will say Google but it applies to all of them.

Computers are not like you. They are not human and they cant read or see pictures. Google is where most people go to search on-line for the things that they need. Google wants to give those searchers that information as accurately as possible trying to match the results that it shows to the query that searchers typed in.

What Google Knows

Google knows where your visitors are and that they will be using specific words to describe what they are looking for.

Google tries to find results that contain those words. (Keywords). Find out more about our SEO Services Derby by calling us on 07460 706380.

Searchers are presented with results that include millions of websites. Visitors will never go through all of them. Most people don’t bother looking beyond the first 3-5 pages. They will give up and type something else. That is why getting your website listed as close to the top of search engines results is so important.

Other things come in to play such as the content on the page. It needs to be good and actually relevant to the original search. Site structure is important. It needs easy navigation. It also needs to be both easy to read and engaging for the person viewing the site.

Get ready for Google

Over the years people have been trying to trick search engines into listing them higher and the search engines have fought back with changes to the search methods they use. Preparing your website to be relevant to a search and in a way that the search engines like is just one thing that happens with an SEO Service. I hope this helps but please get in touch if you would like more information about site optimization. Please let us give you a no obligation quote today.

Our Search engine checks.

  • Keyword Research. We find, track and implement the best keywords for your web site
  • We constantly monitor your website and send frequent reports so you can see results.
  • Competitor Analysis. We find out who your competitors are and what keywords they use.
  • We check if your website is being penalised by google, find out why and fix it.
  • We test your website for duplicate content and stop it if we find any.
  • We check for plagiarism so you don’t get penalised for it.
  • Analytics. We track the performance of your website through Google Analytics
  • Page Speed. We speed up your website so that google ranks you higher.

PJD Web Design Derby offer a range of SEO monthly payment plans that are tailored to your own business needs. As mentioned previously, SEO is an on-going process that take up a lot of time. Our monthly plans give you a full service with varying amounts of time spent in research and application.

We currently charge £8 per hour for basic SEO services and £12.50 per hour for our advanced service. We recommend at least 2 hours per week for websites containing less than 6 pages. Discounts apply to larger websites so please ask for details.

If your plan is £65 per month or greater, you will receive full SEO reports every month as part of the plan. These site reports are available every 3 months for every plan costing less than £65 per month.

Additional Reports

You can request extra reports at any time and the fee will be £8. Reports will be sent in PDF format. SEO is free for the first month after publication of your website. Website management is also included in all plans over £65 per month.

SEO on existing websites

The same fees apply for carrying out search engine optimisation work on websites that we did not create. There is a takeover fee of £40 to cover the costs involved in setting up the service we provide to you. There is also no free month service.

There are however, the discounts applied for referrals  we get from the work we do for you and these could give you up to 100% discount on your next monthly instalment. In short, the more successful we are, the less you could finish up paying!

Off Page SEO

We operate extensive off page search engine optimisation using social media. You know how time consuming it is to send out posts to several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. We can help there too.

We will create as many posts as you like and send them to your preferred social media accounts. We recommend a maximum of 3 posts per week for each social media platform and we only charge £5 per post.

We will not post the same content on all of the platforms and you will be able to see the posts before they are sent. Contact us now.

Back links

SEO Services - link-buildingBack links are another way that Google knows about your website. Google thinks that if other people put a link on their website that points directly back to yours, those websites must trust you. Google believes that if those other websites trust you, then it should too and therefore Google will believe that your website should be listed higher in the search results. So, you can see the benefit of back links.

Watch out for those companies offering to sell you loads of back links as you are only interested in links from relevant websites and blogs. If you take out our social media option, you get a steady flow of back links with it. If you just want back link building, we charge from £20 per month to build your back links over several months.

More information

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to talk you through all of our options and services at any time. We are open 7 days a week from 8am until midnight. SEO Services Derby. Contact us now