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A good web design company will build you an interactive marketing tool that informs, delights and leaves visitors with a memorable impression of your business. We believe that any web design company must bring together compelling visuals with innovative technology and effective messaging to create an awesome business development tool.

In other words, why have a brochure when you can have an all-powerful sales generating leviathan out there to do your bidding!

CMS or not?

CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’. If you want to be able to edit the content for yourself, It would make sense for you to choose a CMS system for your website. If you do have an understanding of HTML and CSS, then go for an HTML based website.

We are the best web design company when it comes to customer satisfaction.

A Good Web design company

A good web design is one that is clear, easy to navigate ensuring visitors understand your business. A well thought out and clear web design will promote your product or service in the most effective way.
If you are looking for a good online presence in order to give your business the publicity it deserves or even a complete re-design of your current web site then we can help.

First impressions count.

A web design that is full of jazzy sparkly whizz-bang may look effective from your own point of view but, from a user perspective, it could be too much to take in. People will become distracted and not get the information that they want straight away. Getting your message across to the visitor is the most important thing to do on any website. People have a very short attention span and will only scan your content for anything that stands out. This is where properly structured headings come in to play.

Our Web Design Practices

Our Web Design company puts in all of the effort needed to fully understand your particular needs and take your ideas on board.  This is part of our no obligation consultation service. This is completely free of charge and can take place in your own premises at a time and date of your choice.
Whatever type of website you are seeking,  we will use the right optimised images and design techniques to create you a truly exceptional website.

Web Design Process

Stage 1:
We will have a discussion with you to establish your exact needs and requirements.

Stage 2:
We will begin building your website base upon what was agreed during Stage 1.

Stage 3:
Once you approve the design, any needed functionalities will be coded on the website

Stage 4:
Fully testing the website design and functionalities.

Stage 5:
Your website will be published live to its hosting account

Stage 6:
Integration of Analytics software. SEO research will be ongoing for 1 month.

Stage 7:
Training will be arranged where required.

Stage 8:
Any additional plans ie: SEO or Maintenance plan will begin.

Planing your new website

What to do now.

  1. Decide what you want your website to achieve.
  2. Decide on the number of pages you would like
  3. Decide what you want each page to be called
  4. Collect any images that you want on your site
  5. Write the text that you want for each page
  6. Decide who is going to manage the site updates (You or us)
  7. Decide on a domain name
  8. Find some websites you like the look of
  9. Is your website going to take card payments
  10. Any existing website login details

Get in touch

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